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​The Patient Report of Problems (PROP) was developed by Grey Matter Technologies to capture, by keyboard entry or interactive voice recording, what bothers Patients, how these problems affect their daily functioning, and the remedies Patient’s employ to lessen or relieve these problems.

The PROP™ Questions:


  • What is your most bothersome problem due to your illness?


  • In what way does this problem affect your daily functioning?


  • What do you do to lessen or relieve this problem? 

Patients are asked to reply to these three questions for up to their 5th most bothersome problem.


The PROP™ may be further calibrated longitudinally by assessing Patient reported:

(1) Priority as a bothersome problem

(2) Severity of the problem

(3) Clinical Global Impression of Change since the prior report.


The PROP™ is also being applied to clinical trials in order to develop patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures that are unfiltered, non-categorical, and prospectively accrued. Systematically analyzed PROP™ verbatim reports are being examined to inform responder analyses, enriched recruitment populations, and fit-for-purpose clinical outcome assessments, as well as the clinical, genotypic, and biomarker company they keep. 

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