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Natural language processing (NLP) is an AI technology that is being used to enable translating human language into forms that can be systematically analyzed. Grey Matter’s technology captures what Patients say by keyboard or voice-capture verbatim reports. We then deploy NLP and machine learning (ML) to analyze Patient input about their illness and quality of life in ways that facilitate Patient, clinician, and researcher use of these vital data.


Clinical curation of NLP output is a key approach we have integrated into our innovative technology. We have secured the participation of expert clinicians and researchers to review, collectively and independently, the verbatim problems and functional consequences that Patients report in order to better categorize NLP terms for the disease of interest. The clinical curation process contextualizes the verbatim reports, increases the granularity of term assignment by about 50%, and informs machine learning to develop a clinically meaningful ontology.


Computer-aided technologies also enable the extraction and processing of data from electronic health records (EHR) to inform healthcare organizations, payers, and pharmaceutical companies about effective therapies and disease management strategies. We are focused on what the Patient says in a standardized fashion to make Patient reporting in EHR portals more informative for Patients and clinicians.


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