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Welcome to Grey Matter Technologies Making Patients Heard™

“Polycythemia Vera (PV) Feasibility Study, Patient Report of Problems (PROP™)”

Research Study

Thank you for your interest in this research study, sponsored by Grey Matter Technologies (GMT), in collaboration with the MPN Research Foundation (MPNRF), and funded by Protagonist Therapeutics Inc. This study is intended to inform what patients diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera (PV) feel and experience about their PV in their own words.  


Eligibility to participate:

  1. 18 Years or older and living in the United States

  2. English speaking and can reply in English; if necessary, with the help of a trusted assistant

  3. Android or Apple-iOS Smartphone access ( iPad not supported ), with the ability to download and install apps from the Google Play or Apple App stores


Next Steps if you think you are eligible:


  1. You may also review the Grey Matter Technologies Privacy Policy

  2. Please enter your name, personal email address, telephone number and type of smart phone device (Android or Apple iOS) by clicking the PV Study Interest Form below:


PV Study Interest Form

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